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Training Instructions on how to carved candles

candle set

Step-by-step instructions on how to carved candles,tools,and supplies.

Useful booklet about hand carved candles.

How to make and carved candles is fun.

Making candles for any ocassion, such as weddings, anniversaries, sweet sixteens and more is a business opportunity.

We have more than seven years of experience as a candle makers. How to Carved Candles is a simple and practical technique. You can learn the steps in short period of time and practice in the comfort of your home to master it.

A new skill will give you more oportunities to generate extra income. Oportunity to expand your creativity and making money at the same time.

We are available to trained you Monday, Wenesday, and Friday between 9 am. and 8 pm. How to Carved Candles lessons are held at our worshop in Kissimmee, Fl. Classes are one to one, practice materials are included. Make an appointment to learn how to carved candles today!.